Police prove Angelo DID kill Jack!

Tony is furious that Angelo is changing his plea to not guilty. Rachel’s upset when Tony doesn’t turn up for their ultrasound and he tells her he doesn’t care – he already had a son and now he’s dead!

Charlie confronts Angelo about changing his plea, and he says he genuinely thinks there is a chance he didn’t shoot Jack. Charlie starts to have doubts, but Martha is certain Angelo did it. Roman, knowing how upset Martha is, argues with Charlie.

Meanwhile, the search for the bullet continues. Martha is emotional at the thought of Angelo being granted bail, until the forensics eventually find the bullet. It matches the type in Angelo’s gun – he did kill Jack.

While Tony and Martha finally have some closure, Charlie admits to Angelo that part of her wishes it wasn’t him. Charlie is overcome with emotion and sits motionless, close to tears.

Meanwhile, Belle doubts her article on the cancer cluster will do any good, but after a chat with Aden, Belle changes the article’s focus and the paper publishes it with a dedication to Jack Holden. Aden is even more thrilled when Leah manages to get him his job back on the fishing trawler.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday February 19*

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