The police question Adam

Adam points the finger of blame at Tracy when he is interviewed by the police.

Convinced that Adam was his assailant, Ken builds bridges with the rest of the Barlows. The police interview Adam again, telling him that Amy denied all knowledge of the money. Adam’s fuming and points the finger at Tracy…

Nathan insists that Bethany should stay away from Gary, claiming he’s clearly a dangerous man and Bethany hangs on his every word. Meanwhile, at her wit’s end, Sarah resolves to try and make Bethany see what a creep Nathan is. Nathan confides in Mel that it’s time to take the next step with Bethany.

Toyah admits to Leanne that she went behind Peter’s back and had the embryos implanted as planned.

Billy’s amused to realise that Todd is jealous of Drew. Dev and Aidan square up to each other at the Rovers’ quiz. Brian and Cathy grow closer.