Police question Cain and find a body. Is it Ross? (VIDEO)

The police turn up at Butlers Farm, wanting to question Cain. That happens on an almost weekly basis, but usually they want to chat about stolen cars. This time they want to talk to him about Ross. Why? Because Emma’s told them they need to. Later, the police have some news of their own: they’ve found a body and they think it could be Ross. Pete goes into a blind panic – and he’s not the only one who’s worried.

Val was often a worry for Eric but she’s not any more. Still, it hurts him to think of her and, when Tracy finds a DVD with Val’s last wishes, Eric really doesn’t want to watch it. But Diane does… Eric sees pictures of his wedding day, though and throws everyone out before he breaks down in tears. However, Diane’s determined to fulfil her sister’s last wishes.

Jimmy’s desperate need to sell his house to fill the financial hole he’s in makes him an easy target for a dodgy deal offered by Rakesh… And Nicola knows about none of it!