Police question the Kings

Jimmy and Kelly are worried when Pearl doesn’t turn up for work and immediately start searching for her. Their efforts prove futile and when they get back home, there’s a shock in store. The police are there to take them in for questioning.

At the station, Kelly is offered the chance to change her statement but she refuses. However under intense questioning, she finally admits she provided Jimmy with a false alibi.

They release the pair and Jimmy is forced to tell his brothers about his lies. The three are at each other’s throats when the police arrive again, this time to arrest all three for conspiracy to murder.

A terrified Pearl hides out in her house with Len, refusing to answer the phone or the door for fear of having to deal with one of the Kings. Len finally gives in to one persistent caller. It is Rosemary, who warmly thanks Pearl for coming forward and makes clear her smug delight.

Elsewhere, Rodney feels like a gooseberry around lovebirds Paul and Jonny and Edna is determined to prove to everyone just how much she trusts Billy.