Police reveal they’ve arrested the wrong person!

*First Episode*

Sat by Robert’s hospital bedside, Diane and Victoria are thrown when the police arrive to report the fact they may have arrested the wrong person in Aaron. If he didn’t shoot Robert, then who do the detectives suspect now? Meanwhile, unaware of the latest developments in the Sugden shooting case, Aaron sits in his cell wishing he’d never met his evil ex-lover Robert who has torn his life apart.

Having disappeared from village life for a while, Ross returns and is clearly not very happy when he spies his brother Pete looking chummy with Andy.

Unaware that Sandy has asked Ashley about euthanasia, Harriet’s stunned when the vicar brands his dad a selfish old git. When Ashley fills her in, can Harriet persuade her man to have another talk with Sandy?

Paddy’s internal turmoil increases when the village vet flips out at a caller who’s rung his mobile. In rage he tells the person never to call again, swearing that they simply don’t know each other.

At Home Farm, no one seems to bat an eyelid when Lachlan comments it would have been better for everyone if Robert Sugden had died when he got shot!