As the fire investigator sifts through the charred remains of the garage, he finds a set of keys. Luke’s suspicious when Steph tells Andy they’re flying to Portugal on Friday to get as far away from Phelan as they can. Meanwhile, when Kevin tells Tyrone that he intends to sell the garage once the insurance has paid out, Tyrone becomes curious. Will Kevin be arrested on suspicion of arson? Meanwhile, Eileen reveals to Liz that she’s marrying Phelan tomorrow.

Telling Liz that she’s disgusted with Steve who’s behaving like nothing has happened, Michelle heads off to visit Ruairi in the Chapel of Rest. Meanwhile, Steve contemplates confessing to Peter that Leanne is pregnant with his baby.

When Roy explains the difference in VAT on ‘eat in’ or ‘takeaway’ food, Shona does her best to appear interested.

Tim retaliates to Sally’s sex ban. Daniel thanks Sinead for all her help with his MA application and presents her with a venus fly trap. Will Sarah tell Bethany that she and Gary are back together?


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