Do the police think Kevin attacked Phelan?

The police call on Kevin after a tip off from the real attacker, Andy, in Coronation Street

As Phelan lies unconscious in a hospital bed, Eileen suspects Kevin may have attacked him. In the cafe, Andy overhears Tim telling Sally that he saw Kevin, clearly wound up, heading for the builder’s yard at around the time of the attack.

The police question first Steph and Andy, who, in an attempt to deflect the blame, tells the police what he overheard in the cafe. The police call at the garage and question Kevin. Will Phelan regain consciousness or has Andy put an end to his evil deeds once and for all?

Norris, Dev, Erica and a nervous Mary set off to Newton-le-Willows hoping to find some answers about her past.

David finds himself railroaded by Sarah into joining Chesney, Sinead, Billy and Todd for a night on the town. Adam’s loved up but Maria remains distant. Excited at the prospect of Robert moving in, Liz sets about cleaning the back room but will Robert trust his growing reservations over his feelings for Michelle?