*One-hour special*

Pearl bids Danny an emotional goodbye after the funeral, but she doesn’t realise that she’s got more troubles to come. She’s horrified when she receives an eviction notice from Pollard, who has realised that he can legally turf her out now that Len has died. David berates Pollard for being even more heartless than usual and when Pearl later breaks down on him, a guilty Pollard offers her work at the factory.

Scarlett tries another tactic to get Daz’s attention and she offers to help with his schoolwork, but the object of her affections is uninterested. Kelly realises that Scarlett is lovelorn and she offers to give her a make-over, Kelly-style. Daz thinks Scarlett looks hilarious done up in a skimpy dress and shovelfuls of make-up!

Sharon has a shocking hangover following her hen night with her fellow WAGs and an oblivious Val reveals her own tacky plans for hen night number two. Sharon reluctantly relents, but after a few drinks the pair make up their differences and Val reveals how chuffed she is that her daughter will be a fully-fledged WAG!

Meanwhile, Rodney has organised a stag night game of poker for Dan and the other men in the village. Rodney is unnerved when it’s clear that Dan had expected Rodney to organise a few ladies for the night and Dan later reveals the true extent of his womanising. Rodney broaches the subject with Sharon and is concerned when Sharon insists that she’s unconcerned by Dan’s minor infidelities.

Also, Edna offers Pearl an olive branch.