Pollard and Val trick Nikhil

Pollard and Val prove, yet again, that they are their own worst enemies. They already had Nikhil hooked on the idea of buying the B&B and could have reeled him in honestly and painlessly. Instead, desperate to sell, they try to shake hands with him on a trick deal. Bob hears them talking about their not-so-cunning plan and makes sure Gennie hears about it… then Gennie tells Pollard and Val the deal is off. Nikhil, though, is still on the hook… The B&B is where Molly was born and it’s where he wants his family to live and build a thriving business.

Laurel wants to find the crook who carjacked her – and she thinks she has. She kind of told Marlon she wouldn’t go after him – but she does… and she takes an unwitting Paddy with her. Paddy thinks he’s just giving Laurel a lift into town, but he realises he’s dropping Laurel at the house she thinks her carjacker calls home. Paddy sees that it’s a sweet-looking little old lady who answers the door, but she has a grandson and Paddy has to pull Laurel off him. This is serious…

Much of Bob’s life has been a comedy of errors – and it doesn’t look like it’s about to change. He’s planning to propose to Brenda – not knowing she has her own surprise planned: their wedding. And he plans his proposal for the day of Brenda’s ceremony!