*Hour-long episode*

Chrissie’s about to stand in court over the helicopter crash in the village which killed Val and Ruby. When Chrissie torched her hubby’s car she had no idea her angry actions would end in utter disaster and death. Riddled with guilt, she’s happy to plead guilty. Pollard is overjoyed when he hears the news. Blaming Chrissie for his wife’s death, he is determined to see justice is done. But Robert, Chrissie’s hated estranged hubby, has other ideas and has recruited local laywer Rakesh to get Chrissie to change her mind.

As the villagers make their way to court, David hears Rakesh has managed to get Chrissie to change her plea. Everyone’s furious, especially Pollard, who flips in the courtroom and is escorted out! Later, Pollard’s rage shows no signs of calming down as he barges into Home Farm, armed with a cricket bat, and homes in on Chrissie…

As Belle gets prepped for her date with Kirin, Vanessa is gutted to her about her ex’s romantic plans and turns to Carly to offload. Does she still have feelings for her toyboy boyfriend?