Pollard bans Diane from Val’s funeral

Determined to help grieving Pollard, Diane goes round to see him, but all she finds is the house in a complete state. Thinking he would appreciate a bit of a clean-up, Diane sets to work and puts a dirty cup, which still has Val’s lipstick mark on it, in the sink to wash. It turns out that Pollard was keeping the unwashed receptacle as a souvenir of his late wife, so when he finds it sparkling clean on the draining board, he goes ape! Barging into The Woolpack, he lays into Diane, blaming her for leaving Val to die and telling her she’s not welcome at the funeral!
On the day that Katie fell to her death in a barn, Aaron had told her to head over to Wylie’s Farm, where he had arranged to meet Robert for one last tryst before he married Chrissie. Katie caught the two guys kissing and took a photo on her phone to prove that she was right about Robert cheating on his bride-to-be. Although we know what happened next, Katie’s husband, Andy, is still in the dark, but when he makes a comment about that fateful day in The Woolpack it makes Aaron worry that he’s close to finding out the truth…
Elsewhere, Bernices’s hopes are raised when Lawrence invites her to a fancy ball. She thinks he’s keen on her but, given that he once had an affair with Edna’s husband, it looks like could be setting herself up for a fall. Meanwhile, Emma and James decide to tell everyone that they are back together, but the news goes down like a cold bucket of what-not!