Pollard chooses – and it’s not Val (VIDEO)

There have been times in the past when it seemed Pollard might just crumble into a heap because of his lack of backbone. But he has become stronger since Val nearly broke him and he’s ready to stand up to her. Val thinks she can just walk back into Pollard’s life and pick up where she left off – and Amy’s pretty sure she’s right. She’s not, though. When Brenda goes to collect her things from Pollard’s he tells her she’s not going anywhere, Val is – and he changes the locks to make sure Val can’t get back in. But hell hath no fury like Val scorned and she vows it will take more than a locked door to keep her out of Pollard’s life.

Chas knows all about being kept away from the man she loves: Cameron. So when she finds out that Alicia is secretly lusting after David she tells her to stop hiding her feelings – wishing she could do exactly the same.

Jai wishes Charity would have his baby but she told him she won’t. Since he told her he wants to adopt Noah, though, she’s realised just how much he loves them both – and how she might want to have another child, his child.