Pollard invites David into partnership on a property development and he’s chuffed that relations with his son seem to be going so well. But he realises that something is amiss when he discovers one of Del’s false fingernails on his desk and he decides to do some investigating. Pollard is stunned when he installs a security camera about his computer and catches David and Del up to something on his computer – and then getting up to something on his desk!

Viv is furious when she finds out that Belle sabotaged the pageant floats and demands that she be given an ASBO! Cheeky Belle bites back that the Hope float was rubbish anyway and a furious Viv tells the Dingles that she wants £400 to cover the damage to the float. Meanwhile, Louise asks Turner to rejoin the committee and he agrees but insists that Louise take a back seat.

Also, Marlon pleads with Donna to move back into the caravan but she refuses. Marlon is left even more glum when his cooking skills seem to have left him after several meals are sent back at the Woolpack.