David is annoyed when Pollard forgives Val over the missing takings after she offers to pay back the £2,000 she lost. Determined to get his revenge, David tells Del that Val made a pass at him in the taxi. Val is bewildered when Del angrily confronts her but a disgusted Pollard believes David’s accusation and dumps Val.

Katie wants to rent more land from Andy so she can expand her livery business. Caught in the crossfire of yet more rows between Katie and Jo, he agrees – as long as Katie moves out of Butler’s Farm.

Perdy tries to make it up to Grayson over her meddling at the dinner party, but he’s not forgiven her. Paul’s not happy with her either for involving him in her marriage problems, but is pleased when Jonny comes into The Woolpack looking for him.

Also, Debbie gets some money from Scott for Viv and the taxi business but keeps it all for herself; and Matthew tries to get some dirt on Rosemary from Perdy.