Pollard finds out about Val’s kiss

Val worries how to repair the damage from her stupid mistake and she begs Rodney not to tell anyone about their kiss. Diane sees them arguing and drags them into the back room at the pub to find out what’s going on. Diane is stunned when she finds out that Val came on to Rodney but Val tries to justify her actions and insists that she was only trying to protect her. Pollard comes into the back room just as Diane is reprimanding Val for tarting herself up and kissing Rodney and he is horrified to find out about his wife’s betrayal.

Turner is worried about breaking the news to Eddy that he won’t be joining him on his road trip. The matter is taken out of his hands however when Sam accidentally mentions it to Eddy before Turner has had the chance to tell him himself.

Mark sees Cain and Faye coming out of the cafe together and he’s suspicious about what’s going on between them. Mark finds Ryan and asks him if Faye is seeing Cain. Ryan angrily hits back that Mark has no right to question Faye’s involvement with other men and points out that at least Cain isn’t a married man.

*Second episode, 8pm*

Val flees the pub, unable to face Pollard, and locks herself in the cottage. Pollard demands to be let in and Val cautiously opens the door. Val is shattered when Pollard refuses to understand why she kissed Rodney and he tells her to pack her bags ad get out. Val accuses Diane of ruining her marriage but Diane insists she has no one to blame but herself and tells Val that she wants her out of her life and out of the pub.

Lexi and Carl see the doctor about having IVF and Lexi is left disappointed when they are told that there is a long wait for NHS treatment and private treatment costs a fortune. Lexi tells Carl she feels useless not being able to conceive and Carl realises how much it means to her but he can’t bring himself to offer to pay for the treatment privately.

Lily is angry with Edna for trying to make her feel bad for having a good time. Lily resolves to live life to the full despite Edna’s disapproval and she asks Eddy if she can join him on his road trip. Eddy is delighted that Lily wants to go with him but Edna isn’t going to be too happy!

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