Pollard loses everything

Pollard arranges to meet the liquidation officer at the factory to dispose of the equipment and he’s horrified to discover he’s been robbed. Val comforts Pollard and suggests that they make an insurance claim. Pollard insists that any claim is sure to fail as he was refused a claim after the factory fire. Pollard realises a guilty Val had a hand in the robbery and furiously tells her that the equipment was worth £10,000 and now he’s lost everything.

Bob gets a letter from Viv, but he worries about the contents and refuses to open it. When Terry hears about the letter he forces Bob to read it. Viv has sent a curt request for Bob to visit her in prison the next day and Bob worries that Viv is going to tell him their marriage is over.

Jimmy drags Nicola to the ante-natal class when she tries to avoid it. Jimmy turns on the charm offensive with the other prospective parents, but ends up insulting Nicola by imparting the grisly details of her pregnancy. Jimmy throws himself into the class and proves to be a much better pupil than Nicola, who storms out in a huff and announces she’s never going again.