The Dingles refuse to take Pollard’s bullying tactics lying down and they dump a pile of manure outside the factory. But wily Pollard is determined to get the upper hand and after an investigation he discovers that Marlon and Donna’s house is being built on land that the Kings could partly lay claim to. Donna and Marlon are horrified when Pollard tells them that he’s informed the Kings and their plans are left in ruins.

Jo is in a panic when she realises that Andy needs to pay the rent and she’s spent everything on her day at the spa. After Paddy refuses to give her a loan, Jo tells Gray that Andy’s rent cheque will bounce, but begs him not to evict them. To sweeten the deal, Jo tells Gray about her goat milk dairy idea and suggests that Rosemary could be a partner.

Carrie works out that Scarlett has got a crush on Daz when Scarlett walks into Carrie’s car on her way to school in her attempts to check him out. Scarlett is frustrated when Daz fails to respond to her attentions and Carrie tells Scarlett that she’s a beautiful girl and Daz will notice her – if he’s worth anything.