Pollard sleeps with sister-in-law Diane!

It’s the end of the road for Pollard who has applied for a divorce. With him and Val barely speaking following her bombshell betrayal in Portugal, there’s nothing left to say. But if Val would only speak out about her HIV worries, things might be salvageable. Over a few drinks with Diane, Pollard shares his upset – and the drunken pair end up sharing a bed!

Bob watches the CCTV footage and finds nothing bar Betty sabotaging her food! He’s fuming – but unable to say anything until he’s exposed the local thief. Ruby, who has wrongly been blamed for theft, meanwhile, has clocked the camera and is seriously annoyed, assuming that it’s been put there to ‘catch’ her out.

Romance is in the air for Bernice who’s on cloud nine as she spends more time with Anton. Rodney wants his daughter to take it slowly – but the giddy barmaid’s not about to listen as she arranges another date with her new beau.