Pollard stands by Val

*Episode two*

Val thinks if she drinks enough alcohol she’ll be able to forget that she’s HIV positive. But she soon realises there’s not enough alcohol in the whole of her sister’s pub to blot out the reality of her situation. More than a little tipsy, Val decides she’s going to show Kerry how to pole dance – on a lamppost. Predictably, Val ends up in a heap on the road with a bloody knee. That’s just embarrassing… What’s very sobering is when Kerry reaches out to tend her wound Val backs away and lets Pollard take her home, but she’s upset when he gloves up to clean her up.

Lisa’s more than upset now that Belle has told her the whole truth and the first she decides is that no one else needs to know everything about the fight Belle and Gemma had. That means Zak only gets some of the story and, as far as Lisa’s concerned, the police will get nothing else – and definitely not the confession that a guilt-stricken Belle wants to give them.

Finn gets a job in Declan’s office – but Charity’s not happy. So Finn should just needs to be wary of any body-shaped holes he could fall into on Declan’s land…