Donna is horrified when Marlon tells her that Pollard wasn’t bluffing and, in fact, the Kings have applied for the land that their house is being built on. Donna and Marlon confront Pollard, but he refuses to back down. Zak is equally as furious with the twisted factory boss and he tries to physically intimidate him, but he’s forced to back off. Marlon and Donna realise there’s nothing they can do and their dream for a home of their own is in tatters.

Andy is surprised when he discovers that Jo has suggested her idea for a goats milk dairy to Gray and he upsets Jo when he tells her that he thinks her idea won’t work. Jo bites back and admits that she spent the rent money on a day at the spa and Andy is furious. Andy asks Jack for a loan, but he’s surprised when instead Jack backs Jo’s goat idea. Andy admits he’s wary of going into business with Rosemary, so Jack offers to become a partner instead.

Also, Scarlett is determined to impress Daz.