Pollard tells David: ‘Don’t do it!’

*This episode may change to a double bill if Euro 2012 football is not on ITV1*

Pollard goes to see David in the shop to tell him he’s going to shop him to Justin and reveal that his marriage to Alicia is a sham. Pollard is sure that Alicia is just like her sister, Leyla, and will take David for everything’s he’s got. He thinks that once Alicia has said ‘I do’ she will do a lot of harm to David. Alicia and David are shocked by Pollard’s feelings, but David insists the wedding is going ahead.

Moira talks to Adam and insists she’s selling the farm. Holly and Hannah were right, she says, the farm is a constant reminder of John and they all need to move on. But Adam doesn’t want to move anywhere, he wants to stay right where he is and fill his father’s farm boots and he begs Moira not to sell. Realising how serious Adam is and knowing how hard he has been working, Moira agrees to stay.

Nikhil thinks Gennie has been working hard, too – at eating. And not just at eating, but at eating all the wrong foods. She needs to lose weight, Nikhil tells her. Oooops! And there she was, just about to tell him she’s pregnant with his child. That’s what the weight is, Nikhil: your baby! But his insensitivity silences Gennie and she tells him nothing.