Pollard tells David to butt out

David is horrified to find out that Pollard is back with Val but Pollard defends her. Val warns Pollard that David will need to be kept in check if their renewed relationship is to succeed. Pollard has words with David and warns him that he’ll disown him if he tries to meddle with his relationship again. When the villagers start gossiping about Val and Pollard’s news, Pollard decides to take Val on a mini-break.

Sam asks Carl if he can rent Dale View from the Kings but Carl wants Sam to provide proper financial backing. Sam asks Pollard if he will be a guarantor for him. Meanwhile, Zak feels guilty for trying to interfere, but Lisa is resolute that Sam needs to stay put. Zak tells Lisa that it’s time to let Sam stand on his own two feet.

Ross gets a visit from his estranged girlfriend Kirsty and Marlon has hopes that they will reunite to keep charmer Ross away from Donna. But when Ross breaks up with Kirsty, Donna runs to Ross’s side to comfort him and Marlon is left even more disgruntled.

Also, Edna is angry with Lily for flirting with married man Doug; Debbie struggles with her workload.