Seriously concerned about Amy and Kyle, Pollard sneaks off to visit Joanie. As the pair talk about the teen, an unaware Pollard lets slip the secret that Amy’s been keeping from Joanie. The gran is horrifed to hear that Amy is Kyle’s real mum. Pollard tries to smooth things over but Joanie’s adamant – Amy will never see Kyle again. Amy, meanwhile, tells Pollard she’ll never forgive him.

Desperate for cash, a reluctant Moira struggles to turn down Cain’s offer of help. But when Charity sets up a meeting with Jai, on Cain’s behalf, it’s not to be as the factory owner rejects his business plan.

Now working on the factory floor, snooty Nicola’s ashamed. Desperate to keep it from Jimmy, she’s in trouble when he turns up to see her. And a row with the other workers soon puts her in the spotlight. Later, Jimmy warns his wife to put things right with her colleagues.