David’s shop is ready for its grand opening. But, chatting to Diane, David admits he doubts Pollard will show up to unveil the revamped venture. And he’s right. Stewing up a storm over all sorts of things, grieving Pollard shows David just what he thinks of his shop by smashing the place up with a sledgehammer!

At Home Farm, Chrissie is worried about her dad, as well. With Lawrence having ‘confessed’ to shooting Robert, he’s been banged up. Turning to Bernice, Chrissie reels as she learns her dad was planning to marry the barmaid. Wanting to give her dad a reality check, Chrissie takes Bernice along when she visits Lawrence. But it couldn’t go any worse as Bernice hands back her engagement ring to Lawrence who wonders why his daughter is so sure he wasn’t the person who shot at his hated son-in-law.

Meanwhile, new mum Vanessa’s having a hard time as she tries to feed her premature baby Johnny. When she tells Rhona she feels like a rubbish mum, the vet’s concerned for her stressed-out friend.