Pollard’s tormentor shows their face

It’s the anniversary of the 1993 plane crash and Pollard is particularly haunted. While the villagers take time out to remember those who died – Mark Hughes, Archie Brooks, Leonard Kempinski and, of course, Pollard’s wife, Elizabeth – Pollard gets another sign from ‘Elizabeth’. Feeling guilty and confused, he takes flowers to Elizabeth’s grave – and is scared half to death when he’s visited by someone from his past: Elizabeth’s son, Michael.

Gennie thinks she knows who has been tormenting herself and Katie, too. She’s convinced it’s Andy; she thinks he has become unhealthily obsessed with Katie. Determined to get something done about her suspicions, Gennie goes to see Katie’s cop DC Henshall. He tells her he has no evidence that Andy was involved – but does that mean he’ll leave Andy alone? One thing’s for sure, Gennie certainly won’t.

A couple of other people who should be worried are Terry and Zak. Still feeling lonely and with slim pickings among the village men, Viv turns her attention to Terry – and he’s not exactly disinterested. Meanwhile, Zak thinks he’s found a new mate in Derek, but it’s not Zak that Derek is interested in…

*Second episode*

Michael tells Pollard he has been haunting him for a reason: he believes Pollard murdered his mother. Terrified, Pollard gets away but Michael isn’t finished with him. At the B&B, Michael tells Val that she’s married to a murderer. Now Val knows as well as anyone and better than most that Pollard is no saint, but murder? She tells Michael to leave, then tells Pollard she wants some answers. What she doesn’t expect to hear is that Pollard is going to pay Michael to keep his mouth shut.

Declan wishes he could pay Ella to stay out of his life, but it’s really not that simple – and largely because he still fancies her. So while Ella busies herself with arrangements for a New Year’s Eve party, Declan continues to try to deny his feelings for his ex-wife.

Andy finds himself in the position of having to deny that he has been making nuisance phone calls to Victoria Cottage and that he broke in and trashed the place. Gennie thinks that’s what he’s done and that’s what he’s accused of, in front of everyone in the pub. Henshall steps in as peacemaker and Katie’s so impressed she suggests they have another date.

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