Kris organises an audition for a girl singer for The Somethings but no one turns up apart from Theresa. Josh and Rhys are disheartened and wonder whether to call it a day. Kris has an idea and announces that he’s going to run a Pop Idol-style competition on his radio show to find the boys a singer.

Anita feels humiliated when she discovers the video clip of Gaz’s attack is all over her social networking site. Theresa barges into Anita’s room and finds her on the internet and accuses her of being a freak when she discovers she’s been using her picture on her networking page. A depressed and angry Anita locks herself in the bathroom and pours household bleach onto her legs…

Dominic is unnerved when Cindy asks Loretta to teach her some lapdancing moves and an impressed Darren sits down to watch. Cindy hands in her notice at Il Gnosh as she sets her sights on a new lucrative career as a lapdancer. Loretta takes Cindy to an audition and the girls are worried when they are followed home – until they realise it’s Dom who is worried about Loretta’s safety.

Also, Zoe realises that she may fail her course now that Archie’s ruined her film project.

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