The McQueens are shocked when cousin Porsche arrives in the village. But there’s an even bigger surprise in store when it’s revealed that Porsche’s engaged… to Lockie!

Meanwhile, Cindy panics when she hears Holly telling Dirk that they need to tell the hospital about her suspicious behaviour. Cindy goes to the Roscoes’ and Lindsey secretly calls Dirk and drives Cindy back to the village. Dirk, Holly and Jason find Lindsey parked up on the side of the road, but Cindy has run into the woods, certain Holly is trying to kill her. Holly finds her mum, but tragedy strikes when Cindy falls into the lake!

Also, Kim is smitten with Esther and asks the teen to go for lunch with her. Esther doesn’t realise she’s being asked on a date and Kim is confused when Grace turns up too. Kim assumes Grace and Esther are a couple and walks out. After some encouragement from Grace, Esther dolls herself up and tells Kim exactly how she feels.