Porsche’s given hope that Mercedes is alive!

Myra and Porsche are shocked when they open a letter for Mercedes, to find that her half or The Loft has been sold to Freddie Roscoe. Dressed as Mercedes, Porsche goes to the bank to collect the money and is given hope when the manager explains that Mercedes has already withdrawn it. Myra and Porsche then watch the bank’s CCTV footage and are shocked by what they see…

Meanwhile, Ste is suddenly hit by the truth about his HIV positive diagnosis, and Sinead is concerned when he breaks down at The Hutch. John Paul promises to be there for him – but it’s clear he’s struggling to come to terms with this latest bombshell as he flinches when he goes to kiss Ste.

Also, Nico is haunted by what happened on the roof between Will and Dodger.