Posh Hotels with Sally and Nigel

Actors Sally Lindsay and Nigel Havers present a look at some of the United Kingdom's most exclusive hotels, providing insights into the lives of the staff and guests in Posh Hotels

Not many of us will get the luxury of staying in London’s exclusive Berkeley Hotel, especially at an eye-watering £18,000 a night!

But for this new series Corrie stars Nigel Havers and Sally Lindsay are checking into some of the most exclusive hotels in the country, starting with The Berkeley, favourite of A-listers including Madonna and Naomi Campbell.

Nigel Havers and Sally Lindsay at The Langham Hotel’s bar

Earning their keep

It’s not all champagne and caviar, though. As well as experiencing life as a guest they’ll also be working downstairs to discover exactly what goes into delivering five-star excellence.

For Nigel that means housekeeping duties, while Sally is set to work on the concierge desk answering the demands of the rich and famous. Among her jobs she’s organising a helicopter to Heathrow, and delivering a litter of puppies to the room of a guest, who’s apparently missing his poodle!

TV Times rating: ***