Pow! Megan makes her feelings clear to Declan

Declan has been seeing Megan’s son, Robbie, and Megan doesn’t know. Now Robbie needs somewhere to live and he’s on his way to Home Farm. To live? No – to ask a favour. He wants Declan to act as guarantor for a loan – and Declan does. Katie thinks he’s crazy; he hardly knows Robbie. But to Declan Robbie is family and he tells him he can move in to Home Farm if he needs to. Well, before that happens Katie thinks Declan should talk to Megan. So he does. He tells her everything he has been doing with her son and she replies by slapping him – hard. And that doesn’t feel like a thank-you…

Sean’s got something to get off his chest: he finally admits that it was him who tried to kiss Ruby, not the other way around. Desperate Dan so wanted to have something that he could use against his wife and her lover, but the truth can’t hurt them.

The truth has hurt Jai – that Charity doesn’t want any more children. He tells his father about Charity’s choice, but it’s clear it’s not a choice he agrees with.