Ethan Hawke’s dogged time-travelling agent hops back and forth across the decades preventing future crimes.

What, though, is the connection between his final mission – to stop the elusive Fizzle Bomber from committing a terrorist atrocity in 1975 Manhattan – and the incredible life story he draws out of a bitter barfly (Sarah Snook) in 1970 New York?

Adapted by Australian filmmaking duo The Spierig Brothers from Robert Heinlein’s short story, All You Zombies, this elegantly intricate sci-fi thriller is a compelling puzzle that will have you scratching your head over the paradoxes of time travel, fate and free will.

Hawke’s and Snook’s performances pack a surprising emotional punch and, even if you spot the film’s big twist coming, you will still want to watch it all over again to spot all the deftly placed clues.