A bored Lola talks Jay into going out to have some fun. Pretending she’s going into labour in the cafe, the pair scam free drinks then move on to McKlunkey’s to try and get free food. When Nico finds out Fatboy has fed them for nothing he demands payment. Nico calls the police on a raging Lola. As Lola and Jay share a kiss after Jay feels her baby kick, the police arrive and arrest Lola for criminal damage.

Michael is running late for Scarlett’s medical appointment at the hospital as his taxi hasn’t arrived. A desperate Michael asks Alfie for help, who agrees to put aside their differences to help his cousin. At the hospital, a miserable Janine watches a happy couple, assuming Michael has stood her up. When Michael finally arrives, Janine won’t believe his excuses.

Shirley is stunned when she pops into the Minute Mart and learns from Denise that her daughter Carly has had a baby. Shirley is crushed that Carly didn’t call herself. After Denise gives Shirley Carly’s number, Shirley decides to call her. Shirley is hurt when Carly refuses to talk to her and turns to the bottle for comfort.