*Hour-long episode*

Art student Holly has used her talents to paint a false picture of her life at college – as her parents discover. Farmer John and Moira dutifully attend an exhibition of students’ work ready to play the proud parents. But there’s nothing of Holly’s to see. When they get home, they discover that Holly has been creative with the truth for weeks: she’s actually been paying more attention to chemistry than art and has been chucked out of college for dealing drugs. That forces John and Moira to wake up and smell the manure. Moira wants her to have counselling. John decides she needs hard labour to make her honest and sets her to work on the farm. Holly isn’t going to like that…

Viv is also unhappy… Love for Bob was her drug but she’s not enjoying it since she discovered he slept with Gennie while she was in prison. In fact, she’s pretty sure that they’re finished but Bob refuses to give up on their marriage. Can he win his way back into her heart?

At The Woolpack, though, Diane’s full of joy after her trip to Paris with Charlie but Doug looks like he’s been sucking sour grapes.

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