Pride (VIDEO)

The death of a seemingly innocent family man leads Ronnie and Joe to go on the hunt for the murderer. But what they find is that the accused is Eddie Stewart (Martin Jarvis), a man in his 70s who just so happens to be the father of ex-DI Natalie Chandler (Harriet Walter). It is a tough day for Ronnie as he has to deliver the news to his old friend.

No one can understand why Eddie would commit murder, least of all Natalie who argues with Jake when she confronts him over the charge against her father. Jake is sympathetic, but there’s nothing he can do without Eddie’s co-operation. Natalie wastes no time in getting Ronnie to go above and beyond to help her find the real killer, even if that means getting him into trouble with a frustrated Wes.

But how far is Ronnie willing to go in order to help his friend? Guest starring Roy Hudd.

*You can see this episode again on ITV at 9.25pm on Saturday, April 5.