Will Prince and Hunter do Shane’s dirty work?

The boys' dad wants their help when he discovers there's valuables at the school...

Prince and Hunter have mixed reactions when Shane reveals how he came to be injured. The boys suggest their dad hides out in The Shack, but Hunter needs to retrieve his ‘saucy sketch’ folder from Neeta’s desk first.

When Louis turns up to do some marking, however, Prince, Hunter and Shane have to hide in the classroom store cupboard. When Louis leaves, they manage to escape, but Shane’s spotted the expensive camera equipment being stored away and blackmails his sons to help him steal it. Will they agree?

Also, Nick’s floored by a sexy surprise from Holly and decides not to dump her. Back at the hospital, though, Tegan’s just too tempting – and Zack spots Nick and Tegan kissing as he’s leaving. Later, Tegan panics when she thinks the hangover she’s had all day, might actually be morning sickness!