Prince gets involved in Warren’s business

Prince gives Warren cause to be suspicious of Sienna...

Prince has broken into the garage but hides when Warren arrives with Sienna. Warren surprises Sienna with a rented convertible and offers to take her shopping, but she lies that she’s got to help Myra with a charity food-drive at church. Prince overhears this and, later, tells Warren that Sienna isn’t with Myra. Later, Warren confronts Sienna with a photo of her and another man – but will he recognise Joel?

James is worried when Ellie reveals how she’s feeling. John Paul lets James look after Matthew-Jesus for the day. But when John Paul later finds James shouting at Matthew how will he react?

As Leela prepares for her hen party, she’s sad to think of groom-to-be Cameron without his brother for his stag do. But is Lockie far from Cameron’s mind?

Also, a guilty Lisa tells Cleo she’s going to break up with Nathan – will she go through with it?