It’s Lily and Prince’s wedding but as Prince remains trapped, will their Big Day go ahead?

Bride Lily is ready for her wedding to Prince, but where is her groom?

Diane is shocked to discover that Shane has kidnapped groom Prince in order to keep him from the wedding but she’s not shocked enough to go and rescue him!

She still doesn’t want him marrying her niece, Lily, and decides to stay quiet and leave him locked up.

However Prince is more resourceful than his captors imagined and he manages to escape but has nothing to wear for the ceremony.

Meanwhile an anxious Lily waits nervously for her fiancé to arrive at the church. Can Prince get himself there in time and can he find a suit?

Elsewhere Adam is furious to discover that Glenn has offered Maxine money to pay for Minnie’s private school. Can he talk his dad round and what exactly is dodgy Glenn’s hidden agenda?