Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal – BBC2

The two-part story of the Royal’s turbulent 
life concludes with the Princess's marriage to Lord Snowdon at the start of the 1960s

The final part 
of this intimate portrait of the Queen’s late sister turns the spotlight 
on Princess Margaret’s party-girl reputation as she and 
her new husband, Antony Armstrong-Jones, who became The Right Honorable Earl of  Snowdon in 1961, embraced the Swinging Sixties and socialised with celebrities and artists alike.

Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal - EP2

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones after the announcement of their engagement

After the marriage broke down in the early 1970s, Margaret continued her partying on the Caribbean island of Mustique, with her extravagant lifestyle and relationships coming under scrutiny from the press at a time when Britain was in economic crisis.

Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal - EP2

Princess Margaret with Lord Snowdon taking pictures

But with her divorce from Armstrong-Jones 
in 1978, in her own way, this rebel Royal paved the way for the modernisation of the 
Royal Family.

TV Times rating: *****