Prison blues haunt Pc Leon Taylor

What’s Pc Leon Taylor up to? Is he breaking the rules again? That’s what DS Max Carter wants to know when he catches off-duty Leon on camera as he takes surveillance pictures of Mark Wilson arguing with Josie Hibbert. Mark is definitely a wrong ‘un, with a brother in prison for drug-related crimes. So, how is Leon mixed up with them? Back at Sun Hill, DC Grace Dasari and DI Neil Manson think they need to investigate further before talking to Leon.

What they discover is that Josie is a prison officer at Longmarsh, where Mark’s brother, Shaun, is serving his sentence. She has befriended Ria Crossley (former Hollyoaks star Gemma Atkinson), Shaun’s girlfriend who, they discover, is being forced to smuggle in a phone for Shaun. Then Max sees Ria leaving Josie’s house – followed a few minutes later by Leon! When he finally talks to Leon, Max discovers he and Josie are just friends; he doesn’t know Ria at all. So Max decides to use their friendship: he wants Leon to convince Josie to take in the phone for Ria so that they can bug it. Shaun is planning a murder and they need to know who he wants dead.

What Max finds out, though, puts the lives of Josie, Ria and Leon in danger. Mark turns up at Josie’s house with a gun and two shots are fired, but who dies?