In the Woolie, pregnant Priya’s in bits as she watches David enjoy his non-stag, stag do. Unable to hold back, she approaches her ex and pleads with him to ditch Alicia and be with her instead. Knowing how much pain he’s caused Priya by calling off their wedding, guilty David pulls her in for a hug. Val catches their embrace and later warns the barmaid to back off.

When Declan gets a frosty vibe from Sam, he’s confused. It all becomes clear later as Megan informs him she had to give Sam the push after the bank repossessed the business. Consumed with rage, Declan shoves his sister against the wall. It’s the absolute last straw for Megan, who turns her back on her brother leaving him to deal with his own mess.

Furious at being let go just before Christmas, angry Sam sneaks into Home Farm with Rachel to take what he feels he’s owed. And, Ashley gets his hand stuck in postbox as he’s trying to retrieve Arthur’s letter for Father Christmas!