Priya confides in Diane

A few weeks ago, pregnant Priya collapsed in the cafe and ended up in hospital where it was revealed she has an eating disorder. Now she back at work. It’s clear she’s still struggling. When Diane finds out what’s been happening she confronts the barmaid, who admits she isn’t coping as well as she’s made her family believe. When she asks to stay the night so she can get a break from people fretting around her, Diane agrees – but what has the pub boss let herself in for?

Thanks to Pete’s not-so-gentle persuasion, Debbie discovers the assault charges have been dropped, so when she finds Pete in the pub, she offers to buy him a drink as a way of thanks. But Ross is somewhat irked to find the pair having a cosy drink together when he arrives in the pub…

Pollard decides to woo Val with a romantic lunch, but his plan is scuppered when Ian makes an appearance. It’s the first time Pollard has met the man behind the fling which led to Val being diagnosed as HIV positve, and he’s not impressed! Riled by Ian’s nonchalant attitude, Pollard punches him – hard! As Pollard seeks solace with a few whiskies in the pub, Val tells Ian about her HIV status and failing marriage, but is taken aback when he suggests they should be a couple! Will lonely Val agree?