As she receives treatment for her anorexia, Priya is allowed to leave the clinic for one day to visit her friends and family back in Emmerdale. When Priya turns up at the shop, the atmosphere is awkward as Alicia points out that David is out, but the mood soon lightens when the girls share a joke, However, it’s no laughing matter when Priya’s waters break and she goes into labour – six weeks before the baby is due!

After helping a terrified Priya into her new car, Alicia drives the mum-to-be to hospital, but disaster strikes when they break down en route! Will Alicia be forced to deliver the baby? And will the premature newborn survive?

Charity’s determined to go ahead with the termination, but when her plan hits an unexpected obstacle, what will she do?

Elsewhere in the village, Chas is relieved when James denies having feelings for Moira – but is he lying? Meanwhile, Dan is not best-pleased when he gets home to find Kerry dressed as a bride!