Priya goes on a date!

*First episode*

Still besotted with David, who jilted her just before they were due to wed, Priya’s trying her best to make him jealous. In the Woolpack, David spots his ex and is about to tell her he and Alicia have got engaged when he realises she’s on a date. While the pregnant barmaid does her best impression of someone having a good time with personal trainer Rhys, secretly she’s bored to tears. David assures Alicia he’s not in the slightest bit bothered. Do we believe him?

Will Charity’s anger push her to murder? Since her mum admitted that she feels like a ticking timebomb, Debbie’s been super concerned about what will happen next in the messy lovechild saga. Debbie tips off Lisa, who goes on to find Charity behind the wheel of her car, preparing to run over Rachel and baby Archie…

As the battle to become village vicar heats up, Ashley worries about the presentation part of the process. Meanwhile, rival Harriet is miffed that no one seems to be rooting for her.