Priya is confused at Paul’s change of tactics

Priya is determined to stay faithful but when Paul seems to be ignoring her she confronts him, accusing him of arrogance. He says he’s not chasing her any more, leaving Priya stunned and confused. Later, Priya is incensed when Paul doesn’t turn up at a school board meeting and, assuming he’s trying to punish her, heads over to his home to face him. Their argument gets heated and Priya is unable to resist temptation any more, giving in to the passion she’s been craving…

Karl returns early from his trip to Peru, claiming he’s home because of work. But Ajay doesn’t believe him and Karl admits that travelling solo wasn’t as much fun as he’d thought – he’d missed Susan. Ajay advises him that he doesn’t think Susan would be up for a reconciliation and Karl agrees, but he realises he needs to find someone else to share his life with.

After her break-up with Rhys, Vanessa decides to dump all the clothes she can no longer fit into. Then she learns of Susan’s pole-dancing classes and persuades her to take her clothes instead.