When Rakesh adds a load of people Priya has never heard of to the guest list for their wedding, the bride-to-be begins to realise that she knows very little about her future hubby. After Rakesh’s son Kirin points out that getting to know each other is what arranged marriages are all about, Priya and Rakesh resolve to get to know each other better.

Lisa tries to help Sam pay off his debts, but soon realises that with the kind of credit he taken on, he’s never going to be able to keep up with the sky-high interest rates. Desperate for cash, Lisa resorts to thieving from the factory but is caught by her boss Jai who sends her home with a big question mark hanging over her job. Faced with more visits from the bailiffs and having no job, the stress its toll on Lisa and she has a funny turn.

With the revelation that Lawrence is alive playing on her mind, Edna fails to see him approaching and is shocked when he introduces himself. Lawrence wants to explain everything to Edna and bury the hatchet. Will she be able to forgive and forget?