Priya sees red when she sees David with Archie!

Priya doesn’t like seeing David with Archie and Rachel… Rachel is far too familiar with the men in Priya’s life! Jai tells Rishi he can get Priya to calm down by waving money at her. Hmm, interesting strategy. Money is, indeed, one of Priya’s favourite subjects (top of the list is herself, of course), but the thought of her father making a baby with the family’s cleaner has upset Priya so completely she doesn’t even want to talk about money.

Cameron doesn’t want to talk, he wants to get out of Emmerdale and is about to take off when he overhears Declan saying his building project is on hold because he doesn’t have planning permission. Phew! But Chas still wants to know why he’s been behaving so badly. Unable to confess his sins, Cameron lies again: he tells Chas he’s depressed and has been for months. Then he goes to see Gennie. She’s been showing far too much interest in him and he needs to get her to back off. But he doesn’t feed her his sob story. No, Cameron shows Gennie his dark side and threatens her.

Val wants a word with Amy… She knows about Amy’s kiss with Andy (thanks to Victoria’s motor mouth) and wants to know exactly what’s going on.