The Sharma brothers’ arrival in the village last Friday is followed by the appearance of a third member of the family: sister Priya. And she makes quite an entrance, rocking up to the Woolpack after a night of clubbing. There’s an instant attraction between Priya and Eli and, after a few drinks, he dares her to dance on Ashley’s car – and she does! Ashley is not at all impressed by the damage Priya has done but what about her brothers? Well, it quickly becomes clear that Jai and Nikhil are used to their sister’s behaviour. So, is Emmerdale going to tame this wild child or will she turn the peace and quiet into a riot?

There’s trouble at Mill Cottage, too, when Scarlett returns to find that Jimmy has not only allowed Carl to move back in – Chas has also got her feet under the table! And when Paddy hears where Chas is living he marches round with her belongings – and is shocked by what he sees.

Two villagers who are smiling are Jamie and Gennie, after they agree to go on a date. Is this the time for Bob to have a man-to-man chat with his son about his one-night-stand with Gennie?

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