Still suffering from the effects of his head wound, Troy arrives at the school demanding to see Callum but Priya stands her ground, refuses to let him pass and threatens to call the police. She sees him leave but calls Toadie to tell him what’s happened; then she orders Callum and Rani into her office while she locks up. Toadie and Sonya arrive to collect Callum but see that Troy is still there… and he’s broken into the school!

Priya calls the police while Toadie tries to talk the agitated Troy down, but Callum realises that only he can get his biological father to leave. He faces Troy, telling him he wants nothing to do with him and a distraught Troy gets into his car to leave, only to black out at the wheel. Later, in the hospital, Toadie brings the news to his family – Troy is dead!

Kate realises Jade is stressed over a deadline for her business proposal – she needs a video testimonial for her singles boot camp – so in an attempt to relieve some of her guilt over kissing Kyle, Kate decides to do it for her. Recruiting Sophie’s movie-making skills and borrowing Karl’s camera, she persuades Chris to act as her boyfriend in the video. It’s a success and Jade really appreciates their help.