It’s scan time for first-time mum Priya. Despite their split – and his hush-hush engagement to Alicia – David’s by his ex’s side at the appointment. The pair are bowled over when their baby pops up on screen. As emotion takes over hormonal Priya she tries to kiss her ex and is horrified when David not only backs away – but announces his engagement! It’s a bitter blow for the besotted barmaid, who was only very recently jilted by the fickle shopkeeper.

Having made Jai choose between her and his love-child Archie, Charity is facing Christmas alone. Furious at Jai’s betrayal with Rachel which has led to the breakdown of her marriage, the businesswoman is desperate for revenge. Scared, Rachel warns her to direct her bitter rage at Jai and leave her and Archie out of it.

When Ashley learns Harriet turned the village vicar job down, he offers it back to her. There’s shock news for Zak too, who founds out his son Cain proposed to Moira a while back.