Priya finds an unexpected shoulder to cry on after Rakesh’s arrest

Will Priya stand by her disgraced husband Rakesh? Or has she already got her eye on another villager?

There’s a big sigh of relief for Priya when hubby Rakesh is granted bail while he awaits further police questioning over last year’s fire at Mill Cottage. But as Rakesh awaits his fate, Priya begins to wonder how much longer she can stand by her man after all the dramas he has put her through since they first got together.

All mixed-up, Priya has an emotional heart to heart and finds an unexpected shoulder to cry on. But from who?

Meanwhile, it looks like Lachlan has blown it big time after playing his silly games with Belle, who has stormed out. But after some advice from Ronnie, will Lachlan turn on the charm and come clean with Belle about how he really feels?

And Laurel is taking steps to move on after the devastating death of husband Ashley from dementia. But where will she go from here?